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Thermal Radar Technology
Facility, site and border protection
Long-range Thermal Radar
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Control rooms
Welcome to the World of Thermal Radar Technology
The panoramic infrared security systems are ideal solutions for border security and surveillance needs. The
systems use a continuously rotating head to produce 360 degree images and detect and track intrusions in real
time: essentially the thermal imaging cameras operate like “radars with eyes.” This comprehensive 24/7
surveillance immediately solves the deficiencies of light-based camera monitoring. In addition, the infrared
sensors allow detection of a human at several km distance in total darkness and adverse weather including
extreme heat, snow, clouds, dust, etc.

Several thermal imaging radar cameras are enough to cover a whole perimeter or border line where many dozens,
or even hundreds of PTZ infrared cameras would traditionally be needed
Short-range Thermal Radar
Human detection up to 500m.
Vehicle detection up to 1.5km.
Can be mounted on 9m portable
tower and erected in 10 minutes.
Effective and affordable technology.
Human detection up to 8km.
Vehicle detection up to 32km.
Ideal for large areas, perimeters
and border lines.